It is with mixed emotions that I write this greeting to you.  Fall is a season for change and this past fall brought some big changes to Byron Animal Clinic and myself personally.  I have long been interested in alternative therapies and wanted to incorporate them into practice as an adjunct to our conventional approach.  In dealing with chronic myofascial pain and chronic fatigue on a personal level, I had the opportunity to more fully explore what some of these alternative therapies had to offer.   What I found was a very exciting world of opportunities to really help my patients maximize their health potential.  What I dream of is a holistic, fully integrative practice that can utilize the best of both the alternative and the western medicine worlds.

Unfortunately, in the words of Semisonic “every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end”.  In light of the new path I will be exploring, I have made the decision to leave Byron Animal Clinic and pursue further study in some of the natural therapies, although I plan to return to practice in the London area in the future.  While I am excited about my next adventure, I am sad to say goodbye to all who have worked with me over the past 10 years.  I am honored to have held your trust in the care of your furry family and I have enjoyed the many visits we have had over the years.  I thank you for your faith in me and for the laughter and the tears we have shared along the way.  I wish you all the joy that a wagging tail and a soft purr have to offer as I leave you in the compassionate care of Dr. Fleury and the fantastic staff of Byron Animal Clinic.


Dr. Lori