End of Life Care

Byron Animal Clinic understands the incredible power of the human animal bond. Our pets are like children or family to most of our clients. One of the hardest things we face as pet owners is end of life care. Owning a pet is a tremendous honour but also a tremendous responsibility. We take on the task of caring for, nurturing, protecting and providing for our pets. We decide what they eat, how much they exercise, what toys they have, how they are groomed, what veterinary care they receive and – ultimately – we must decide when age, injury, or disease cause diminished quality of life. Few pets die naturally or if they do – that type of death is rarely as peaceful as we would imagine or hope. Humane euthanasia, however, provides a peaceful and dignified death. It allows a pet owner to decide when, where, and how to say goodbye to their beloved pet and to ensure that goodbye is as gentle and peaceful as possible.

At Byron Animal Clinic, we have a special room dedicated to end of life care. Dr. Connie can even offer an at home euthanasia if that is preferred. We do everything we can to minimize the stress of this decision. The procedure itself uses a combination of powerful sedatives and pain medications that cause reduce anxiety, cause intense relaxation, ease pain, and gently send our beloved pets over the rainbow bridge.

We work with Gateway Pet Memorial to provide options for aftercare – like paw prints, photo frames, individual cremation with ashes returned in urns or cedar boxes, or even pet burial services.

If you have questions about end of life care, please do not hesitate to contact us at (519) 472-3770.

Here is a very special video by a fantastic veterinarian who gives an incredibly eloquent description of why euthanasia is such an essential part of animal care.

The Rainbow Bridge.

A special tribute to dogs we lost.

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All cats go to heaven.

The last battle.

God made dog.